September 14, 2012

To Whom it May Concern

In October of 2010, my then six year old grandson was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. To further complicate the diagnosis, they found he had a chromosome mutation called the Philadelphia Syndrome. What started out as a six-month treatment turned into three and a half to four year treatment.

To add to this, Mickel is severely autistic, which meant his mother, father or I had to be with him through his lengthy hospital stays 24/7.

In November we were awarded a $500 check from the Soccer team. Quite honestly, trying to maintain some normalcy for Mikel and his younger brother Evan, we had Christmas with all the trimmings- which would not have happened otherwise.

For this gift, we are and always will be thankful. When we look at our pictures from that Christmas, we will always remember why we had Christmas that year.

A special thanks to Jackie of Child Life for thinking of our family and nominating us for that gift.

Thankful Always The Wilkins and Malko Family



CMI Plastics
Victory for a Cause

Our family was completely amazed at the level of thoughtfulness and kindness of Steve Hasselbach and CMI Plastics. The honor of meeting people that have shown compassion and a willingness to help without knowing a person confirms the goodness of our society. Our son Matt Weatherford, had the distinct privilege to meet an outstanding group of men and women that blessed us in so many ways. Your contribution's in gift were astonishing, but more importantly their act of care and giving spoke of the values for which all people should emulate.

We cannot express enough of our gratitude and thanks to CMI Plastics.It is certainly an organization that has set out to make a difference not only in the business world, but in the lives of children and their families. We will always hold CMI Plastics in the highest regard and would like to thank them for their inspiration to continue their goodwill.

Rob Weatherford,

Father of Matt Weatherford

Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma
January 2012 - Free of Cancer!