“Victory for a Cause” was founded in 2010. CMI is sponsoring athletic teams to help us in the fight against childhood cancer. With every victory the sponsored team wins, CMI will put $100 towards the cause. At the end of the sponsored team’s season, the family or charity of choice will be presented with the raised money. By sponsoring athletic teams, we are able to spread awareness to a larger group of people – the athletes, the fans and the families.

Our initial goal was to give money directly to the children. The gift was not meant to cure cancer, but simply to help put a smile on the child’s face. We hoped our small donation would help the family with incidentals such as medical bills, gas money, groceries or a special something for the child battling the disease. As a result of this, something unexpected happened. Many of the teams who were paired with a pediatric cancer patient started to form a bond. The child became part of the sports team, a team that would walk onto the field to play a game knowing that if they won, they would be helping make a difference in a person’s life. The fact that the athletes were a part of helping a child battle a potentially life-threatening disease has had an astounding effect on their lives. VFC has opened the athletes' eyes to a world they would not have seen if they did not participate. The athletes became friends with this child – who steps out onto a field every day, a field that he/she has no choice but to win. The example that the child portrays is one of strength and fortitude, and it becomes contagious.

The definition of a champion is “a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition.” Our champion is the child, the rival is cancer, and the competition is life. I can think of no better example of a champion than these children. The lesson we learn from them lasts a lifetime.