CMI Plastics specializes in custom plastic thermoforming. From blisters to POP displays, including clamshells, cosmetic discs, and medical trays, we can meet all of your needs. CMI Plastics performs these services with high-speed, roll-fed, pressure and vacuum thermoforming. We have trim in place, trim in line as well as trim off line capabilities. Eleven roll fed thermoforming lines are utilized in our new, state of the art facility. In addition to the eleven lines, we have several smaller machines that are used for short runs and sampling. CMI serves numerous industries including: medical, aerospace, cosmetic, transport, food, industrial, and retail. Our diverse history and experience with the thermoforming design and manufacturing process with various materials allows us to provide a service that is unsurpassed by others in the industry.

Quality Checks
Quality checks are performed on and off the production lines. Go-no-go fixturesare used as well as conventional means of measuring such as ultrasonic gauge thickness devices.

Forming Materials

CMI has taken the initiative to find the most robust set of material options available and offer these to our customers to meet their needs for high quality performance with sustainability in mind. With options such as package light weighting, recycled content, and raw materials minimization, we provide our customers with a variety of responsibly sourced material solutions. Some of the materials we offer are ABS, HIPS, Flocked Materials, PVC, PP, PETG, PET (up to 100% recycled content) and Pentaform® TerraPET® This film is made of up to 30% renewable resources. This resource comes from Brazilian sugar cane, a plant-based renewable resource. This innovative polyester film is the first of its kind to blend plant-based materials and conventional petroleum-based materials.

These are just a few of the environmental attributes our products offer to help satisfy today’s needs and wishes of the large US retail industry.






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