Stephen D. Hasselbach

Stephen D. Hasselbach

Chief Executive Officer

At a young age, Stephen Hasselbach found his talent and joy to be working with his hands, designing and creating things from scratch. His career began in his father’s hobby shop during his high school years, making canopies for model airplanes. His father’s business had started small, supplying model airplane kits to model enthusiasts. These model airplanes eventually made their way to the US military, supplying replicas of military aircraft for spotter training, as well as for display in military offices. Eventually, this evolved into creating plastic parts for the planes and plastic packaging for all types of components.

Steve watched his father’s business grow from the ground up. Now, he is the CEO of the company and the primary hand in continuing this growth. With Steve’s leadership, the company took a strong turn, now mainly supplying the medical and cosmetic industries. Steve has won awards for excellence in medical packaging, Thermoformer of the Year in 2004 by the Society of Plastics Engineers’ Thermoforming Division, among many other accolades. He has undoubtedly taken a part in developing the thermoforming process into what it is today.

Even as the CEO of CMI, Steve continues to play an essential role in the development phase for packaging components for his company. During the last few years, the company has been experiencing amazing growth in the business. The Hasselbach family is greatly anticipating CMI’s further growth and success in their new state-of-the-art thermoforming facility in Ayden, NC.


Steven A. Hasselbach

Steven A. Hasselbach


Steve grew up in the family business, learning the importance of hard work and the strength of family values since childhood. Steve’s career with CMI Plastics, Inc. began when his father
handed him a broom at a young age, and over the years, his duties at CMI continually increased. Throughout high school and college, Steve worked part-time performing various tasks from moving cartons to working on the machines. His other extra-curricular activities during this time included the track team in high school, where he served as captain to his teammates, Rugby during college, where he also served as captain for four years, and he also earned the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. These leadership positions reinforced the importance of hard work, and instilled in him many leadership qualities. After earning his BA from Thomas Edison State College, Steve joined the CMI team full-time, working in the quality control department, and eventually began supervising the staff and running production. Currently, Steve Jr. is the President of CMI Plastics, Inc. He has a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. He would love nothing more than to grow the company so that his children can become the fourth generation of Hasselbachs to run CMI Plastics, Inc.





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